Technology to support search for missing persons

To arrive on time

Search and Rescue with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


Innovative IT system supporting the search for missing persons in the wilderness.

Planning a drone mission based on human behavior models.

Automatic human detection finalised with accurate locations of people.

Real opportunity to reduce costs of search operations and risk taken by rescuers.


UAV and IT technologies are able to support search for missing persons and they SHOULD be in use.

Spin-off company
under the auspices of University of Wroclaw

University of Wroclaw



SARUAV is a software that fits the existing search procedures.


High detection rate in all seasons.

Short calculation time.

Potential locations of missing people available quickly during the process of detection.

Detection finalised with exact coordinates of the potential locations.


System for gathering, archiving and reporting information obtained as the search proceeds.

SARUAV is able to work directly in the field with no Internet access.

Map application that does not require extensive GIS training.

Step by step guideance to help to work under stress.

Easy access to important fragments of photos for quick visual verification of potential location.


Prof. Tomasz Niedzielski


He is a mathematician and geographer. He holds doctoral degrees in technical sciences in the field of geodesy and cartography as well as in Earth sciences in the field of geography. He is a habilitated doctor of Earth sciences (geography) and a full Professor of Earth sciences. Tomasz Niedzielski is an expert in modelling and forecasting hydrological processes. He works on elaborating systems for processing data acquired by unmanned aerial vehicles, in particular for the automated human detection. He gained research experience at the University of Wrocław (Poland), University of Aberdeen (UK), Space Research Centre of Polish Academy of Sciences, Wrocław Centre for Networking and Supercomputing of Wrocław University of Technology (Poland). He served as a principal investigator of numerous research projects financed by domestic and international resources. He is an author or co-author of several dozen of papers published in high-quality international journals, a European patent as well as over 200 presentations at conferences and seminars.

dr Miroslawa Jurecka

Member of the board

She is a geographer who graduated both in the field of physical geography as well as GIS and cartography. She is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Wrocław. Her doctoral dissertation focuses on the use of geoinformation methods in searching for lost people. Her expertise is mathematical modelling of lost person behaviour in the geographical space, based on ring and mobility models. She also works on the analysis of aerial imagery acquired by unmanned aerial vehicles, in particular she focuses on image processing methods for person detection. Mirosława Jurecka has a few years experience in geospatial industry. She was awarded a fellowship of the Foundation for Polish Science and was an investigator in the research project of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. She is a co-author of a few papers published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Dr Bartlomiej Mizinski

Member of the board

He is a mathematician and computer scientist. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Earth Sciences in the field of geography, gained in the aftermath of a dissertation on designing automated modelling systems in hydroinformatics. His interests focus on methods for modelling and forecasting time series, stochastic processes, statistics and image processing techniques. Bartłomiej Miziński gained research experience at the University of Wrocław (Poland) and Wrocław Centre for Networking and Supercomputing of Wrocław University of Technology (Poland). He was an investigator of four research projects and was awarded a fellowship of the Foundation for Polish Science. His M.Sc. thesis has been recognized by Polish Mathematical Society. He is a co-author of several publications in high-quality international scientific journals and of a European patent.


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